Plastics and polymeric compounds suffer the perennial problem of accumulating and releasing electrical charges in an uncontrolled manner. Hence products made from them generate static electricity and minor shocks, which can initiate explosions when certain products are placed in them. The two traditional ways of solving this problem are (a) to use antistatic additives, which only work under certain conditions (e.g. when damp) and the effect of which is only temporary; and (b) to incorporate carbon black, which naturally turns the compound black and aesthetically unattractive.

PTFA 25 is an innovative development in the quest to solve these problems. It is an olefinic-based halogen-free flame-retarded compound with permanent antistatic properties, it is not black and it can be coloured. It is intended for the injection-moulding of static-sensitive containers.

  • -Permanent, humidity-independent anti-static properties
  • -Non-black
  • -Very high impact strength even at -20ºC
  • -UV stabilised
  • -Lower processing temperature (~180ºC) allows for energy savings in production
  • -Lower density (specific gravity) means more units per tonne

Typical Properties

  • Melt flow rate (230ºC/2.16kg)
  • Izod impact strength (20ºC)
  • Izod impact strength (-20ºC)
  • Flammability
  • Surface resistivity (initial)
  • Surface resistivity (after 6 months)
  • UV Stability
  • 58g/10mins (ISO 1133)
  • 23kJ/m2 (ISO 180)
  • 10kJ/m2
  • V0 @ 3mm (UL 94)
  • 109 ohm
  • 109 ohm
  • >150Kly