Polymer Tailoring Ltd. are a leading manufacturer and supplier of flame retardants for polymeric materials. We provide the plastics industry with solutions to fire prevention problems, with a strong focus on environmentally friendly solutions - all of our products being halogen free. Our product range includes industry leading solutions; both chemical additives for a wide range of applications including olefinic polymers, paints and mastics, alongside fully formulated compounds, which we offer in a range of ready to order specifications, with the capacity to fully customise properties to meet your exact needs.

Since 1997, over two decades of molecular firefighting!

Founded by Dr. Frank Agunloye in 1997 as a technical consultancy company, to exploit his widespread knowledge in materials science and engineering, Polymer Tailoring Ltd. quickly became very popular amongst big companies wishing to outsource their technical development in order to save money on R and D. The desire of these companies to have results rather than reports led to the idea of develop and supply. Using the well-established route of toll manufacturing, Polymer Tailoring became in a short time the manufacturer of highly specialised technical compounds.

Further commercial development happened when the then Albright & Wilson Chemicals appointed PTL, on the strength of its technical capability, as its sole distributor for ANTIBLAZE NP & NK. Frank had previously led the team that had developed these 2 wonderful halogen-free FR additives for Albright & Wilson in the early 1990s.

The next big milestone happened when A & W joined Rhodia of France and withdrew from manufacturing NP & NK, allowing Polymer Tailoring to take over. Thus, Polymer Tailoring now not only develops, manufactures and markets highly technical halogen-free FR compounds for extrusion, blow-moulding and injection-moulding, but also manufactures the world-beating halogen-free FR additives, NP and NK. We are now in a favourable market position to continue innovating and developing to meet our customers’ needs.