Since 1997, over two decades
of molecular firefighting!

All our chemicals are fully REACH compliant.

Polymer Tailoring Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the field of flame-retardancy for polymeric materials. Our specialty is halogen-free flame retardants; providing industry leading flame retardant solutions with unrivalled environmental credentials. Our products include chemical additives and ready to use compounds, throughout which we aim to give unrivalled customer support, with the ability to tailor our output to your specific needs.


Our chemical additives are the core of our flame-retardant technology; providing a range of solutions that can be used to produce a halogen free flame retardant product.


Polymer Tailoring provide a range of ready to use polymeric compounds incorporating our halogen free flame-retardant technology, including polyethylene and polypropylene based compounds suited for extrusion, blow moulding and injection moulding. These compounds can be tailored to specific needs, or fully custom compounds can be created if required.